Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery Proved
To Be An Ace In The Hole For Tim Hodge
Originally published Summer 2001

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Spine surgery patient Tim Hodge and his son, Clay, at the 2001 Masters. Within two weeks of undergoing cervical microendoscopic discectomy, Tim hit his first hole-in-one.

At the age of 40, Tim Hodge had never had surgery or hit a hole-in-one. Then within a two week period, he did both. After successfully undergoing cervical microendsopic discectomy, Tim navigated a 143 yard par 3 to make his first hole-in-one less than two weeks later. “I don’t know if there’s a connection,” said Tim. “Maybe the doctors can start using my experience to describe the surgery – reduce your pain and improve your handicap!” Fortunately, Tim can joke about his situation now. But there was a time when his condition was no laughing matter. Starting in September of 1999, Tim began feeling pain and numbness in his elbow and arm. Physical therapy seemed to help for a couple of months, but in December, the pain was back.

“I had twice the pain as before in my shoulder and arm. It got to where I could only sleep one or two hours a night, even though I was taking two pain medications,” Tim explained. After months of finding little or no relief, Tim came to see Michael Cowan, M.D., at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates. Tim was diagnosed with having a ruptured disc, and it was determined that he was a candidate for cervical microendoscopic discectomy. This innovative spine surgery, which reduces the pain and recovery time previously associated with herniated cervical disc surgery, was developed by practice neurosurgeon Tim Adamson, M.D., by modifying existing technology originally designed for surgery on the lumbar area.

Cervical endoscopic discectomy surgery is performed in Charlotte, NC on an outpatient basis and recovery time ranges from seven to ten days. Traditional surgery for the same condition requires a hospital stay of two to four days, and a six to eight week recovery period. Tim Hodge underwent the surgery in March of 2000 and for him, the results of the surgery were immediate. “I went into surgery at 11:00 am and went home at 3:00 pm,” said Tim. “I haven’t experienced pain since. Dr. Cowan and Dr. Adamson are on my Christmas card list forever!”

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