Spring 2007 Issue

X STOP® System Is A Less Invasive Alternative For Treating Spinal Stenosis

The X STOP device is designed to relieve the symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis.
The most common reason for back surgery in people over the age of 50 is lumbar spinal stenosis. This degenerative narrowing of the spinal canal results in compression of the spinal nerves and nerve roots, causing pain to radiate down a patient’s back to the thighs and legs.

At Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates, a minimally invasive procedure with a low risk of complications is available for treating spinal stenosis when non-surgical treatment has been ineffective.

The FDA-approved X STOP® system is a titanium implant that fits between the spinous processes of the symptomatic lumbar levels of the spine to relieve the symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis. The procedure does not require removal of bone or soft tissue, does not result in fusion, and is completely reversible.

Previously, spinal stenosis could only be treated surgically with a laminectomy, a difficult procedure that involves removal of bone and tissue to open up the canal in the spine.

“Patients can usually return home the same day of the procedure,” said Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates neurosurgeon Michael Cowan, M.D. “We have had a great deal of success with the X STOP implant.”

To learn more about the X STOP system, call 800-344-6716.

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