Spring 2011 Issue

Getting Back On Course With Our
Golf Rehabilitation & Fitness Program

Areas of care include:
• Golf-related spine and peripheral joint injuries
• Post-surgery rehabilitation and proper return to play
• Specific rehab programs based on physical impairments
• Instruction in pre-round warm-up and injuryprevention
• Tee box exercises
• In-season/off-season conditioning programs
• Assessment of common swing faults and golf biomechanics
Many golfers spend a great deal of money on new equipment and lessons to improve their game. Yet, they don’t consider that their physical fitness is crucial to taking full advantage of these investments. Proper time spent on golf-specific physical conditioning can help improve performance, lower your handicap, and decrease the risk of injury.

The Golf Rehabilitation & Fitness Program at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates offers comprehensive rehabilitation for golf-related neck and lower back pain. Our specialists diagnose and treat golf-related injuries, improve conditioning to prevent injury, and develop a return to play program if surgery is needed.

Our golf fitness team includes board-certified physiatrist John Lesher, MD, and physical therapist Graham Claytor, MPT. Both are certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, a nationally recognized center that evaluates and tests pro tour golfers.

“We use our golf screening for juniors and other athletes as well, such as tennis, baseball, and lacrosse players,” said Graham. “We may also be adding a KVest, which is a biofeedback system that will enhance golf specific movements.”

To learn more about the Golf Rehabilitation and Fitness Program and view video testimonials, go to www.GolfRehabAndFitness.com.

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