Making A Difference For Children In The
Dominican Republic For Nearly A Decade

Scott McLanahan, MD, Tiffany Daniel, Lisa Schloeder, RN,
and Megan Taylor, PA-C

Pediatric neurosurgeon Sarah Jernigan, MD, MPH, performing surgery.

A pediatric neurosurgery team from Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates recently completed its 13th mission trip in nine years to the Dominican Republic. The team included practice pediatric neurosurgeons Scott McLanahan, MD, and Sarah Jernigan, MD, MPH, along with Lisa Schloeder, RN, and Megan Taylor, PA-C. During the weeklong trip they evaluated 17 children and performed 11 surgeries, including removal of two brain tumors.

These trips began in 2008 when Dr. McLanahan was asked to participate in a pediatric neurosurgery mission with the World Pediatric Project (WPP), formerly known as the International Hospital for Children. The Charlotte-based medical team partners with Hospital Robert Reid Cabral, the largest indigent pediatric hospital in the Dominican Republic, and assists Dr. Whaner Sanchez. Dr. Sanchez has also visited Charlotte to observe and learn new surgical techniques from our neurosurgeons.

Over the past nine years, approximately 250 patients have been evaluated and 150 surgeries have been performed by our pediatric neurosurgery team. Procedures performed include treatment of hydrocephalus, brain tumors, craniosynostosis, myelomeningocele and vascular malformations.

Dr. McLanahan introduced cranial endoscopy to the Dominican Republic and secured a grant from the Juan Luis Guerra Foundation to purchase the necessary equipment for Hospital Robert Reid Cabral.

Over the years , the WPP Charlotte team has included Scott McLanahan, MD (11 trips), Mark Van Poppel, MD, Sarah Jernigan, MD, Lisa Schloeder, RN (13 trips), Julie Smith, RN (7 trips), Kari Stolzenbach, RN, Samantha Gates, PA-C, Alex Hopkins, ANP, and Megan Taylor, PA-C, from our practice.

Click here to learn more about the World Pediatric Project.


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