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Our Internet-based patient portal, Patient Connect, simplifies communication with Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates and eliminates time-consuming phone calls to the practice. Whether you want to inquire about an appointment or request a prescription refill, Patient Connect delivers the information you need through a convenient, easy-to-use, secure website.
Patient Connect Portal
will allow you to:
  • Communicate securely with your care team

  • Correspond regarding appointments, billing, and prescription refill questions

  • View your medication list and request prescription refills

  • Obtain educational information

  • View statements and pay bills online

  • Update account information including user name, password, access privileges, and email address

  • Receive helpful information from our practice regarding healthcare updates, office visits, educational data, and new information about our practice, physicians and services

3 Options For Enrolling In Our Patient Portal:

Option 1: Online - Click here to create a portal account.

Option 2: In Person - Provide your email address at one of our offices.

Option 3: By Phone - Call 704-831-4002 and select option 2 at the prompt. You then need to leave a message and a portal representative will call you within one to two business days.


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